Welcome to That's Wild!

That’s Wild! Fishing Families; THE STORY. 

Meet local professional fishermen, check out their wild products and experience their passion for a sustainable future. Find out about various types of commercial fishing gear and see how the industry operates responsibly. How do you choose the right fish? Think you know about seafood? Find out all the secrets as you get to know more about this amazing industry.”   

Welcome to That's Wild!

That's Wild! members support this brand with an annual contribution of $200 each.

The money is spent on promoting the fishing industry by telling our story. It's a big story and a lot of it is yet to be told.

Many consumers are not that well informed about how to tell good quality product from the rest or how to easily find it. There are lots of fishermen working hard to promote themselves and their product and That's WIld! just sort of helps being it all together

Right: At Ashs' with Mark Tunny and Robert Pender. Mark it the one standing on bricks!!


If you would just like to support the project consider purchaseing some of these labels, the more they are seen around the place the more people will think about local wild-caught seafood. Make sense? Or make cents? And they look great!

Pointing people to this website will help people get to know where they can go if they want to find our products and stories


That's Wild! is a celebration of our industry, the people who work in it and love everything about it. 

It's about connecting our industry with our other industries, people and institutions. After all, we all need each other.

Keep an eye out for the logo, you will be surprised where it ends up!

That's Wild! is an innititave of The Fishermens Portal Inc. 

For more information please contact the Project Manager: Robert Pender on 0427373844


These labels can be displayed by anyone, you don't need to be a fisherman to support local wild caught seafood. 

If you have any questions just contact one of the members they all can tell you about it. PM for orders or call Rob on 0427373844

THAT'S WILD! members

Arabon Seafoods. Wholesaler/retailer Bowen 0409 347 087

Arron Dale: Bait. Beach worm.  S. E. Queensland 0437 313 797

Ashes Holiday Units and Seafood merchant, Karumba. 0747 459 751

Beth Ward: Barra, King, Mackerels, Other, Gulf 0740 602 034                                               

Ben and Coralie Collison Coral Reef line. Bowen 0400 728 360

Ben Day: Gulf Mud crab. Karumba 0447 824 486

Brett Duble: Coral Reef Line. Seafood Merchant Port Douglas 0 427 758 634

Chris Bolton, Coral Reef line. Kurrimne Beach 0400 956 585

Dane and Leanne King: Industry supporter

David Leotta, Navigator Seafood. Whole fresh on ice. Innisfail 0439 533 289 

Donna and D J Land: Barra, King, other, Gulf 0428 459 208

Jeff and Sandi Newman. Karumba and NT 0412 765 659

Jock Raymond: E.C Mud crab

Innisfail Seafoods: Seafood merchant 07 40611579

Karumba Point Tourist Park: Tourism, Seafood merchant 0747 459 306







THAT'S WILD! members

Martos Seafood Burktown. Fishermen and retailers 0747 455 057

Michael Sawtell, Two Brothers Fishing: Coral Reef. Mackay 0747 455 057

Ocean's Best Seafood, Beewah. Seafood wholesaler, merchant 0754 940 577

Oceanic Agencies. Seafood packaging and industry supporter 0408 299 602

Product North Pty Ltd Coral Reef Line Cairns/Cooktown 0428 968 591

Paul Rowe: supplier, Mud Crab and Reef Fish 0428 499 464

Robert Phillips. Coral Reef. Bowen 0419 761 647

Robert Turch: Wholesaler GREAT BARRA WILD BARRA 0456 295 660

Sandi and Steve Ingle. Crab, Spanish East Coast 0438 872 399

Selwy Zurvas. Mud Crab. Rocky 0408 799 795

Torres Straits Seafood. Live crab/cray. Live trout. Fresh whole fish. Retail/export/wholesale 0429 655 956

Terry Obrien. Gulf mudcrab, mackerels, barra, king salmon fresh 0428 733 367

Tom and Kath Long. Whole chilled fresh. Snap frozen portions. Reef Line. Seafood merchant Kurrimine beach 0409 293 013




In 2016 some members of the Portal decided to do more than just let their products sell themselves. They knew that consumers needed to be able to find seafood that was local, wild caught, wholesome and great to eat. Oils ain’t oils and so they designed a logo: the signature for wild caught local seafood. 


THAT’S WILD! members pay a couple of hundred dollars each year that goes towards promoting their products through their combined networks. If you see a fisherman displaying the logo you know that these guys have committed to producing healthy sustainable seafood. There is a code of conduct and a few rules, but basically if a fisherman is proud of his product and wants to be considered as a top shelf supplier, they will be displaying the THAT’S WILD! brand.


Seafood outlets get behind THAT’S WILD! as well. If you see the logo displayed in a shop, you know your looking at quality; the real deal and that you are going to take home a decent feed to enjoy.


It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to tell a good fish from a bad one, if you have difficulty your self, just ask for THAT’S WILD!


So, if you have ever been disappointed in your seafood or just couldn't find the real deal, look for this brand,  you’ll be glad you did.

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